Here are the Benefits of Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

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At every stage of life, maintaining dental health is important. However, when your child is small, visiting a dentist for exams and cleanings helps set the foundation for a lifetime of oral health. A child’s dental needs are quite different from an adult. At six months of age, your baby’s teeth start to develop. Ideally, your baby should have their first dental visit before one year of age. A pediatric dentist has undergone extensive training to meet the dental and oral needs of babies, toddlers, children, and teens. The additional years of training the dentist has undergone lets the pediatric dentist more easily meet your youngster’s needs.

Dr. Karrie Lee is a board-certified pediatric dentist at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry in Aubrey, TX. With innovative dental care, Dr. Lee focuses on preventive and restorative dental services to meet your child’s needs. Her goal is to help your youngster maintain and improve their oral health. At the patient-friendly WindHavent Pediatric Dentistry in Aubrey, TX, Dr. Lee and her staff will focus on keeping your child smiling and providing them with a positive dental experience.

Benefits of a pediatric dentist

Let's explore the benefits of taking your child to a pediatric dentist:

Catch pediatric dental problems early

Pediatric dental care is essential for maintaining your child’s dental and oral health. A child will often not let you know if they are experiencing a problem, so early detection of dental cavities or other conditions is essential. You should schedule your child’s first dental exam before their first birthday.

Creating a positive experience

Many adults avoid dental care because they are afraid of the dentist. Dental fear is a real problem for many. However, taking your child to a pediatric dentist sets the stage for a lifetime of positive experiences at the dentist's office. A pediatric dentist has undergone specific training to overcome a child’s fears. Dr. Lee can make visiting the dentist a positive experience for your child.

Early prevention

Teaching your child to floss and brush twice a day is essential. Also, visiting Dr. Lee and her dental team at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry in Aubrey, TX is helpful in maintaining your child’s dental health. At the semi-annual exams, Dr. Lee can quickly catch problems early before they become a painful nightmare.

Dr. Lee and the team at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry offer the following:

  • Dental exams and cleanings: Twice a year pediatric dental exams and cleanings are the keys to preventive care to maintain your child’s smile and oral health.

  • Dental sealants: Dental sealants can protect your child’s teeth from plaque and bacteria, which can lead to dental decay.

  • Fluoride treatment: A fluoride treatment is one more line of defense against childhood tooth decay.

  • Athletic mouthguards: If your child plays school sports or participates in after-school activities, you’ll want to protect their smile with athletic mouthguards.

  • Fillings: If your child has decay, then they might need a dental filling to protect the tooth from further damage.

  • Trauma: Children play hard, and their teeth, tongue, jawbone, mouth, gums, or lips can sustain trauma that requires treatment.

Schedule a pediatric dental visit in Aubrey, TX

We invite you to schedule a pediatric dental visit for your child with Dr. Karrie Lee at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry in Aubrey, TX. At the consultation, Dr. Lee will meet with you and your child to start developing a strong pediatric dentistry foundation to help maintain your child’s dental and oral health. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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