Is Dental Sedation Safe For My Child?

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Dental sedation is a valuable service provided by many dentists. Board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Karrie Lee at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry in Aubrey, TX provides sedation dentistry as a service for kids who might be nervous about visiting a dentist.

The good news about sedation dentistry is that it is safe for children and keeps them comfortable, but it doesn’t put your child to sleep. The practice ensures the child doesn’t feel nervous or experience pain or irritation when undergoing dental care.

How does the sedation process work?

The sedation effort for your child will vary surrounding their needs. Nitrous oxide is the most common sedation treatment option we provide at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry. The gas sedative goes through the mouth through a mask. The gas relaxes the child in a few minutes on average.

Your child will receive pure oxygen after the procedure is finished to help clear out any nitrous oxide that might remain. This keeps the child relaxed without causing possible long-term effects.

Oral sedation can also work in some situations. Your child will swallow a pill or fluid before the dental procedure or check can begin. The sedative relaxes your child but does not put them to sleep.

Dr. Lee at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry provides these solutions as treatment options for helping your child stay comfortable before a visit. Let us know what your child requires for treatment, and we will find a suitable sedative procedure that works for your child’s needs.

What should you do before your child’s visit?

You’ll need to ensure your child is prepared for a visit before undergoing sedation. Be sure to avoid providing solid foods to your child before sedation, as those foods could cause discomfort and irritation. Make sure your child is also wearing comfortable clothes before the visit to keep from being annoyed or bothered by anything.

What should you do after the sedation is complete?

Be sure you also monitor your child after dental sedation at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry. Monitor your child and provide enough lukewarm soft foods afterward to keep the mouth from feeling discomfort. Your child also needs more water to remain hydrated and comfortable.

An ice pack may also be necessary to manage any swelling that occurs. Every child will respond to the sedation process differently, so be aware of whatever might happen afterward. The timeframe for the child to recover from sedation can be a few hours, so be sure to have enough time to see how well your child can respond to the condition.

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