Brushing 101: Helping Baby Brush

Hi! I'm Dr. Karrie - a mom of 3 wiggly boys and a Pediatric Dentist! 

I understand the struggle of brushing a moving target! 

This is a video I show my parents in my office for kids 0 to 2 years old  - tips on how to brush your Baby's teeth, efficiently. Efficiency is key!  

The goal is to actually contact the toothbrush bristles to your little one's teeth, brushing off the milk or food plaque. Even if you can do this for just 10 seconds, then you've got it! 

How do you do this on a moving target, you wonder?

Watch this video to see positioning:

1 -  After bath time and after changing your little one's diaper, sit at your child's 12 o'clock. 

2 - Gently secure your kiddos hands/arms under your thigh (the point of this is so both your hands are free to brush). 

3 -  Use the non-dominant hand to lift the upper lip, while your toothbrushing holding hand is brushing the teeth in small circles. 

Then move the non-dominant hand to the left cheek pulling it aside, so your toothbrush-holding hand can sweep to the top/bottom left molars. 

Continue this pattern around the mouth (lower lips and right cheek). 

All of this can be done quickly in about 10 -15 seconds. If you're really a good multi-tasker, try singing your child's favorite song while doing all this :D 

4 - Sit your child up and give him/her a big hug and high five for positive reinforcement!

5 - Like anything else this age, consistency and routine is KEY! Don't be discouraged if your child cries. Do this every night and he/she will realize brushing doesn't hurt and its actually fun!

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