Oral Growth and Development

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Did You Know?

60% of a child’s facial growth is complete by age 4

75% of a child’s facial growth is complete by age 6

90% of a child’s facial growth is complete by age 12

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At WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry, we evaluate these 6 signs at each of our patient’s visits:

Nasal Breathing

Lip posture

Wide, broad palate

Dental spacing

Tongue posture

Jaw Occlusion

If any of these signs are off-track, we offer treatment recommendations to guide your child’s oral growth and development as early as age 4.

If your child’s growth and development is off-track, it can negatively affect your child’s ability to Breathe, Sleep, Eat, or Speak properly.

This 7.5 year-old’s jaw occlusion was evaluated at one of his dental visits with us, and we noticed his occlusion was suboptimal. With some intervention, we were able to help this patient Eat better.
This 7 year old’s tongue posture was suboptimal, negatively affecting the patient’s speech. After working with a speech therapist and a frenectomy procedure, we helped this patient thrive in speech.

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