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Infant Exam/Toddler Time

After your child’s first tooth erupts, you should start their semiannual dental checkups. These appointments allow us to recommend individualized dental care routines based on your current child’s oral health condition and risk factors. With these little ones, we will also show you the most effective way to brush despite their wiggliness.

These appointments also allow time to discuss other concerns such as the timing of teeth eruption, oral habits (thumb sucking and pacifier), future dental trauma, etc.

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

With routine visits with us, our objective is to keep your child’s smile free of cavities and catch any other oral health issues early on before they progress. We also monitor your child’s growth and development at these biannual checkups, so that if needed, we can refer to an orthodontist at the right time.

Other than daily oral care, regular dental checkups and cleanings are the most important thing you can do for their oral health.

Dental exams FAQs

How important are dental exams for kids?

Cavities and tooth decay are common childhood conditions that lead to tooth loss. During a dental exam and cleaning, a pediatric dentist can identify and remove plaque buildup. Regular visits and good oral hygiene at home can go a long way in preventing cavities.

Is thumb sucking harmful for a child's teeth?

Thumb sucking is a normal activity of infants and young children. Eventually, children stop sucking their thumbs with help from their caregivers. However, research has indicated that prolonged thumb sucking and pacifier use can cause teeth misalignment and changes in the roof of the mouth.

How can I make my child more comfortable with a pediatric dentist?

Many children are afraid of the dentist, but there are ways to help them feel at ease. We recommend telling your child that a pediatric dentist can help keep their teeth clean and healthy. If your child has a favorite toy or teddy bear, bring it with them — so they can have something to hold onto during their appointment.

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