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What is the MiniSproutz prevention program?

WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry is concerned with providing the most comprehensive dental care, even to our tiniest patients. The MiniSproutz program is a preventive dental 9-step program that screens and catches early mouth issues before they develop later on in life. Geared toward newborns and early toddlers, we even see patients who have not yet gotten their teeth in yet with this innovative program. This preventive oral care helps you set your child up for success with dental health, as well as other important developmental factors like speech, swallowing, and more. Contact our Prosper, TX office if you think your child could benefit from this comprehensive care program.

How does MiniSproutz work?

MiniSproutz programs at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry revolve around a 9-step program, designed around prenatal to 2.5 year checkpoints. We focus on 6 different facets of newborn development: body posture, oral posture, breathing, dental development, and food & sleep. All of these components work together to ensure proper development of your baby's airways, better spacing in your child's future teeth, and correct feeding and swallowing habits. This program also allows us to catch early issues and refer to an appropriate specialist as needed, before the issues develop into something bigger. Call our Prosper, TX office today to learn more about how the MiniSproutz program can benefit you and your infant as you set them up for the best dental and overall health possible.

MiniSproutz Prevention Program FAQ

When should my newborn have their first dental visit?
Many experts recommend having your child come to the dentist for the first time when their first teeth erupt. However, because MiniSproutz is more about overall newborn development and orofacial education, we will have you come in for a prenatal visit and a visit shortly after birth.

How many visits are included in the MiniSproutz program?
There are nine visits included in the program:

  1. Prenatal
  2. Birth
  3. 3 months
  4. 6 months
  5. 9 months
  6. 1 year
  7. 1.5 years/18 months
  8. 2 years
  9. 2.5 years/30 months

If my child doesn’t have any developmental issues, why do we need to come in for so many visits?
Your child’s development in their first three years of life has an enduring impact on the rest of their life and their ongoing health. Issues may arise after the first 12 or 24 months, and we want to make sure your child is still developing in a healthy manner through age 3. Additionally, we aim to teach parents how to care for their child’s dental and facial wellness from birth to 3 years of age.

Dental care your baby deserves

WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry is here to support you and your child for their entire childhood. Call our Prosper, TX office today to learn more about the MiniSproutz preventive dental program and find out about your child's stage in the program. We are happy to accept patients from any range in 0 — 2.5 years who can all benefit from receiving early dental care.

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