ICON White Spot Treatment in Prosper, TX

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About ICON White Spot Treatment

After the removal of braces for teenagers, sometimes “white spots” can be seen on the front permanent teeth. To complete their smile, we offer ICON - a conservative treatment that is a great solution to removing those white spots. Pending case selection by the Doctor, the result will be a noticeably cosmetic improvement.

What Are the Benefits of ICON White Spot Treatment?

If your child has unsightly white spots on the teeth due to braces that are now removed, ICON white spot treatment performed at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry can improve their smile and reduce self-consciousness. Benefits of this treatment at our Prosper, TX office include:

  • Noninvasive, comfortable treatments
  • Improves the condition of enamel
  • Benefits the appearance of the teeth and smile
  • No part of the tooth surface is removed
  • Less expensive than dental veneers
  • Offers long-lasting results in one visit

Who is a candidate for ICON white spot treatment?

An ideal candidate for ICON white spot treatment has small white lesions on the teeth from orthodontic treatment. They usually appear around the metal brackets or bands that move the teeth into the proper position. Because it is difficult to clean around these brackets, plaque buildup leads to noticeable lesions even after the brackets are removed. The pediatric dentists at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry can provide a quick dental assessment to determine the cause of the white spots and whether your child is a candidate for ICON.

ICON white spot treatment FAQs

What causes white spots on teeth?
Braces are the main cause of white spots that appear on the teeth. These spots can make your child feel self-conscious about their smile, especially since they already spent so much time and effort on braces. Dr. Lee can pinpoint the exact cause of these spots and reduce their appearance so they can feel confident about their pearly whites again.

What about over-the-counter teeth whitening products?
Although they can be a quick and convenient way to whiten teeth, home-use products won't provide the kind of results you want for white spots. In fact, they could actually make the problem worse. WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry has personalized solutions for white spots so your child can have that smile they have always wanted.

Can other problems cause white spots or tooth discoloration?
Yes! Excess fluoride use, certain medical conditions, and even some medications can cause tooth discoloration. Some causes of discoloration are more serious, so you should schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Frisco if you suspect anything is wrong. Our dental team has experience treating a wide range of issues, and we can ensure your child's teeth stay healthy for life.

For An ICONic Smile

White spot lesions that appear after wearing braces can make your child feel insecure about their teeth and smile. At WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry, we offer the minimally invasive ICON white spot treatment to treat this issue. In less than an hour, we can reduce the white spots on your child's teeth by creating an even tone across all teeth. Contact our Prosper, TX office today to learn more and schedule your initial consultation.

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