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What is sedation dentistry?

Our team at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry understands that some children have genuine anxiety about seeing a pediatric dentist. Our goal is to make these dental appointments less stressful and more enjoyable for your child. We work hard to build trust and put them at ease at every stage of the process. In addition, several forms of sedation dentistry in Aubrey and Prosper, TX, can help young patients relax enough to undergo certain dental procedures safely. Call our pediatric dental office if you have questions about any of the following forms of dental sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation (“laughing gas”)
  • Oral conscious sedation (“sleepy juice”)
  • In-office general anesthesia

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry methods used at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry can help your child feel more at ease with regular dental exams and necessary dental work. Benefits of sedation dentistry employed at our Aubrey and Prosper, TX practice include:

  • Making the dental experience more comfortable for children
  • Helping children who have difficulty sitting still
  • Allowing dentists to get multiple or complicated procedures done in one visit
  • Reducing anxiety and eliminating pain
  • Multiple techniques make it easier to find the right method for your child
  • Safe and effective

What is nitrous oxide dental sedation (“laughing gas”)?

  • Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide sedation is helpful for routine procedures and for patients who experience mild dental anxiety.
  • When your child sits in the dental treatment chair, we place a nasal mask that produces a gentle mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. They feel more calm and content within minutes. We can make adjustments as needed throughout their visit, ensuring total comfort during the entire process.
  • This method of sedation is mild enough that when turned off at the end of the procedure, patients feel back to normal.

What is oral conscious dental sedation (“sleepy juice”)?

  • For children who have moderate dental anxiety and/or have a need for multiple dental procedures, oral conscious sedation may be a good option.
  • This liquid medicine will help your child go into a dreamlike state without remembering the details of the appointment. Keep in mind that the effects of oral conscious sedation can take hours to wear off, so they will need to be supervised before and after the visit to our pediatric dental office.

What is in-office general anesthesia?

  • For children with severe anxiety and/or medical necessities that require deeper sedation, we may recommend the use of general anesthesia to put them to sleep for the duration of their dental treatment.
  • WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry performs this in-office with a licensed and Board-Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist to ensure your child’s safety throughout the whole procedure.

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