Newborn baby with Anterior Tongue-Tie*

Procedure Details


Anterior Tongue-Tie in Newborn

Mom brought her 5 day old newborn to our practice, looking for a Tongue-Tie Release procedure (Frenectomy procedure).  She said the day baby was born, the nurses noticed his severe tongue-tie and recommended a Pediatric Dentist that uses a CO2 laser for the Tongue-Tie Release. 

We assessed baby at our practice and diagnosed his Anterior Tongue-Tie to be a class 4 (which means the tie is attached to the very tip of the tongue).  This is the most severe classification of Tongue-Tie.   Symptoms when mom is trying to nurse include: painful/ shallow latch, baby falls asleep in the middle of feeds, baby is gumming/chewing at the nipple, clicking noises when eating, and baby gets very frustrated.  Not being able to latch deeply, and not efficiently nursing leads to slow weight gain. So in these severe tongue-tie cases, it is best to release the tongue-tie as soon as possible so that the infant can gain weight and thrive. 


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