Surgically Clean Air Filter

Breathing Clean, Healthy Air During Every Visit

At Windhaven Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Karrie Lee is a kid’s dentist in Prosper, TX, who believes in creating a safe and kid-friendly environment. From the personalized attention given to your child to the opportunities for our team to make oral hygiene fun and exciting, we also remain committed to ensuring the youngest members of your family are breathing clean, healthy air when they arrive for an appointment. By investing in the Surgically Clean Air system, Dr. Lee and her team are able to provide first-rate dental care in an office that remains free of harmful bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. If you want to learn more about this truly unique system and how we’re using it, contact us today!



Importance of Clean Air

The Importance of Clean Air in a Dental Office

In a typical day, a dental office can see numerous patients, each with different needs that require varying types of treatment. Because many of the procedures that are performed require the use of dental instruments that produce aerosols, this can make for a potentially unhealthy environment.

The aerosols generated during a regular checkup and cleaning, dental crown placement, or a similar procedure, can remain airborne for hours or days. Should they contain harmful bacteria or viruses, members of the dental team as well as other patients can become infected.

But it’s not just airborne particles that come for your child’s mouth that can potentially cause problems. It is also the products we use to thoroughly clean and sanitize surfaces, equipment, and instruments, as these can easily contaminate the air.

Investing in a product that rids the air of these dangerous pathogens is the only answer to ensuring the health and safety of your child when visiting our office, which is exactly what Dr. Lee has done in choosing the Surgically Clean Air system.



Preventing Dental Emergencies

How Does the Surgically Clean Air System Work?

While many dentists are beginning to place new HVAC systems in their offices, not all are capable of filtering out harmful toxins. The Surgically Clean Air system does more than just filter these pathogens, it actually eliminates them.

Its unique HEPA-RX filter pulls in airborne viruses, chemicals, and bacteria and removes 99% of the particles that can cause illness. The system also uses ultraviolet light to and titanium dioxide to eliminate any remaining harmful pathogens.

Once the process is complete, the purified air is circulated into the room, creating a healthier environment for you and your child.




How It Benefits Both Patients and Staff

Recommended by dental professionals and researchers, this air quality device will make you and your child’s experience at Windhaven Pediatric Dentistry safer and more enjoyable. Because we care about the health of everyone who enters our office, we believe this system offers great benefits to not only our staff but our patients as well. Some of these benefits include:

  • Creating a more comfortable environment: Polluted air is known to cause feelings of discomfort in the forms of dry skin, itchy eyes, and even increased fatigue. By installing the Surgically Clean Air system into our office, we can decrease the number of harmful pathogens in the air that cause may of these common discomforts, creating a more pleasant visit for you and your child.
  • Increasing productivity: When the air you breathe is filled with pollutants, you may begin to fill tired, resulting in less productivity. The Surgically Clean Air system removes these particles and, in turn, allows for our team to remain focused and steadfast when caring for you and your child.
  • Healthier staff: Knowing that your child is being cared for by a team of professionals who remain committed to proper health and hygiene is important. The investment in this system to reduce pollutants is just one more way we are committing to providing a safer and healthier environment for everyone.
  • Reducing patient anxiety: Many individuals, especially children, often experience some form of dental anxiety. It can often be caused by past trauma, fear of needles, or even the sights, sounds, and smells of a dentist’s office. While we are pleased to offer various methods of sedation, filtering out many of the unpleasant odors with the Surgically Clean Air system can help to reduce anxiety and help your child to feel more calm during their appointment.